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Michael Coughlin, RCE, C2EX


Phone: (518) 561-8777

Having spent almost 30 years as an advancement officer, working in the educational, not-for-profit, and human services fields (most notable for the Salvation Army and American Red Cross), in 2013 I was given the opportunity to invest my talents in the real estate industry as an Association Executive in upstate NY. So, for the last 9 years, I have had the privilege to serve this industry as the Association Executive for the Clinton County Board, the Northern Adirondack Board, and their small regional MLS, the Adirondack Champlain Valley MLS. As an AE for two small associations, you MUST focus quickly and set priorities so to navigate through situations to achieve success.

I have had the good fortune to serve the real estate industry at all three levels … local, as an association executive and at the state and national level, as a committee member. I am excited to have a Real Estate School with HANFRA as I am a firm believer in Continuing Education and education in general – the more the better.

I am looking forward to managing HANFRA with your Volunteer Leadership, providing guidance and accepting challenges along the way as I assist them in navigating the worlds of NYSAR and NAR, always believing that we have a GREAT opportunity presented to us.

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, I have always appreciated the lessons learned from the past and have attempted to incorporate them appropriately into the future feeling that our history can be one our greatest strengths … and HANFRA has a reach history to learn from and continue.

I live in far off Plattsburgh New York with my wife of 30 years: we have two children in their 20’s. I look forward to working for each of you.

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