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Hanfra's Mediation involves the skillful intervention of a third-party professional to help resolve disputes that arise between two or more parties. This page includes a variety of resources, including articles, Web site links, books and other sources relating to mediation, conflict resolution, arbitration and dispute resolution. 

Steps During Pre-Mediation

  • Get the right mediator

  • Draft the mediation rules

  • Have an informal pre-mediation get-together

  • Make the dispute "mediatable"

  • Identify the person who must approve of the settlement

  • Deal with logistics

  • Prepare pre-mediation statement

  • Emphasize good faith commitments

Steps During Post-Mediation

  • Document all agreements reached in mediation

  • Facilitate ratification

  • Create a decision maker

  • Offer proposals

  • Schedule additional mediation sessions

  • Keep in touch

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