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Become a Member of HANFRA

If you applying for REALTOR ASSOCIATE® membership (salesperson or associate broker) CLICK HERE


If you are applying for a REALTOR® membership (owner-broker) CLICK HERE


THIS APPLICATION PROCESS IS FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY. Do NOT use this process if you were ever a member of a REALTOR® organization such as LIBOR.


If you are an existing or former member renewing your membership, do not complete an application, go directly to "PAY FEES" in the toolbar.


What type of membership will I select?


Most of you will select (PRIMARY) REALTOR® ASSOCIATE. Only owners, principals, officers of the corporation or selected office personnel and associates are considered as REALTORS®. They have voting privileges. REALTORS® ASSOCIATES do not. If you have a question about type of membership, call the office at 518-561-8777 before submitting your application. 


Who is a "secondary member"?


A secondary member is someone who chooses under the "Board of Choice" concept to belong to another board in addition to HANFRA. In that case, he/she will pay only the local dues portion to HANFRA. State and National dues will be remitted through their primary board. A secondary member to HANFRA cannot use the payment on line feature.

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